Monday, November 30, 2015

My Cousin's Wedding: Chalisse & Lee

Our little Chalissey got married and we were all squealing about it for days. Snow girls really get exciting about these things. We were all sending snapchats to each other from the moment we woke up because we were so excited. It was fun to help her in the planning and see everything come together and have her be so happy! We love our Chalisse, and are happy to welcome Lee into the family.

My Best Friend's Wedding: Annie & Jay

Annie & Jay tied the knot back in May and I was lucky enough to be the Maid of Honor. These two are some of my best friends and it was the most fun weekend, with a fabulous dance party of course. There was a great bridal party and smiles all around. Thanks to my bestie for throwing a rad party for when she married her sweetie.

Photo Credit to Lindsey Shaun

Oslo, Norway

Final stop was Norway. Which was by far the prettiest with fall colors. We also picked up a friend of Quincy's Niamh from Ireland who met us in town.

Oslo Highlights:
  • We went out dancing our first night and I think we were laughing and smiling the whole time. Met some fun people and loved every second.
  • Amazing weather, it was cold but probably the warmest place we were. 
  • We ate the best when in Norway probably. Fresh and amazing food. 
  • The darling hats that Natalie and I didn't buy and are still regretting.
  • Statue garden was hilarious and gorgeous all wrapped into one.
  • Beautiful viking men everywhere. We hardly could hold our composure as we noticed them.

Vienna, Austria

We took a train down to Vienna from Prague. My leg was killing me most the time we were there but, oh well. When in Europe!

Vienna Highlights:
  • We ran into some missionaries our first night from the US. It was fun to chat with them for a bit and they gave us some dinner recommendations.
  • Schronbrunn Palace was gorgeous, I love my palaces and this was no exception! Then I became obsessed with Princesses all over again. Princess Sissi being the main focus.
  • Our trip to Mathausen Concentration Camp was amazing. Sad of course but so interesting and something I think everyone should do at some point. 
  • The countryside around Mathausen was so pretty! It was exactly the way we pictured an Austrian town. 
  • Classical Musical Concert at St Charles was both a beautiful venue and beautiful music. No special appearances from Beyonce like I had hoped though. 
  • Random people kept waving to me around the city. For awhile I was convinced it was a Lizzie McGuire Movie situation and I had a famous lookalike.
  • We road the Prater Ferris Wheel which gave us some great views, and a little fear of heights.

Prague, Czech Republic

Next up was Prague, we flew down and unfortunately I left my cell phone on the plane. Oops. So Natalie became the photographer for the rest of the trip. 

Prague Highlights: 
  • The views!!! So amazing with all the red roofs as far as the eye could see. Anytime we had the chance to get a view from above, we took it. 
  • Cinnamon Bread to die for. Fill it with chocolate and you're set for a sugar coma. 
  • Tourists everywhere. This was by far the busiest place we went with fellow tourists.
  • We had frequent conversations about our roles as we were at the castle. Naturally I was the Princess in each scenario.
  • The Jewish Cemetery was a cool experience.
  • We were dying over the couch in our Airbnb, it was huge and amazing.

Stockholm, Sweden

In October, we planned a European trip! We found cheap flights and it was a pretty easy decision to go after that. We booked all our stuff and we were off!

We planned to sleep on the flight but of course, Natalie was the only one who got any sleep. So we were a little delirious when we arrived in Stockholm but we fought through the jet lag! I think we stayed up until like 7pm. 

We stayed at an Airbnb where we stayed with this darling woman Brigitta. She made us homemade juice and mapped out what we should do and see while in Stockholm. She was so darling and had an amazing book collection.

Stockholm Highlights:
  • Blondes everywhere! And wearing chic black outfits. I was in love. 
  • Loved the Vasa Museum where the ship that sunk in the harbor is amazingly restored
  • We took an fun little boat tour and saw the gorgeous Archipelago islands
  • Church was fun, everyone speaks English which was really helpful. They said they speak so well because they watch American TV in English.
  • The water everywhere was gorgeous, even though it did make things a little brisk
  • Quincy burning her hair off due to a power surge and a curling iron
  • Stumbling on a fun bookstore we'd seen online before leaving