Thursday, September 30, 2010

People Are What Matter

So in theory, everyone gets really excited to come back to school after a nice long summer but then reality kicks in. For me this includes: planning out my week with the use of post-it notes and my planner (two things I've discovered I cannot live without), thinking about how I'm spending my money, planning for my future and basically just trying to fit everything I want to do into my days. Why are people so excited to come back to school again?
Then again, while I do miss spending my time floating around the lazy river at the Watermine I have to say it's a little bit more rewarding to be in the real world then to have 7-year-olds tell me I'm pretty all day. (Although I do miss that) I'm a total dork and love love love my major. Everything that I learn just makes sense and is so applicable to everyday life.
I'm taking a class called Family Adaption and Resiliency-- I know, sounds terrible. Every class period we talk about things like addiction, infidelity, illness, adoption etc etc. Difficult topics but the whole point is to talk about them so that we can help people who deal with those stressors in their families. How realistic is that? Anyone can use that!

On another note: I want to emulate what Meredith from Grey's Anatomy said that, "people are what matter". (That has become our apartment motto and I feel I should address it haha) In the last month I've been feeling like I have a lot of decisions to be making and have been adjusting to being back in school and I've been so so so lucky to have friends that are willing to listen to me (over and over, and over, and over again) about my problems whether they be relevant or completely neurotic because I can rant and rave from time to time.
There are the friends I've had my whole life who know me better than I think they do and I love having them so close, we continue to make life transitions together whether we make a point to or not.There are my wonderful roommates and while our schedules are all over the place, I couldn't ask for a better home away from home. Whether we're just watching a movie, talking, or facebook stalking all in the same room ;)- we all love each other. It's so sad that this will be our only semester together before we all go on our various adventures. I love the 5'3" and under club :)
Then there are the other friends who may not fit into these other categories but are equally as important and play a significant role in the day-to-day. Whether it's a late night frozen yogurt run, watching movies w/ waffles late, or listening to my usual stressful tangents-- i love them whether they are in utah, virginia, idaho, arizona or any other number of places around the world.

In addition to my cheesy love for my friends, here's my happy thing of the week. I tend to get overly hooked on songs and listen to them over and over again until everyone around me is sick of it but don't worry, I'll spare you from some Justin Bieber for today and provide you with this cute song that this cute boy sings. I love him, this song, and the line "if perfect's what you're searching for than just stay the same." Have a great conference weekend, I'll check back later with my happy things :)


  1. My favorite Professor at UPENN, Chris Peterson, said that the essence of the learning from Positive Psychology is that "Other People Matter." They matter for our own happiness, well-being, and satisfaction with life.

  2. i'm so glad you are blogging. it makes me happy :)

  3. sometimes i feel like we are the same person! everything you said is me right now too :) Love you