Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Happy Birthday Mama!

I have the best mama ever and on her birthday I'll share why I love her along with some fun pictures :)

1. She is very predictable. "I'll have a water with lemon and a salad with dressing on the side."
2. She is always just a phone call away. She listens patiently to my breathless rants about irrational things.

3. She loves her family. She takes constant care of everyone and stays involved in their lives.

4. She is an excellent paper reviewer. Which is really helpful when I have 10 page research papers I need to get approved.

5. She is constantly trying to force us to be healthy (except of course when we're at the beach for a snow cone)... she goes about this by refusing to tell us what she puts in foods she makes until AFTER we admit that we like it.

6. She always plans fun things for us to go and do down to the details. This summer we went to New York and she researched the best shopping places and places to eat

7. She always seems to confuse my aunt Sallie and I, "Sara, I mean Sallie, I mean Sara."

8. In addition to the name confusion, When she is around Sallie, they act like they're 15 and it's hilarious. Giggling their guts out while we all just shake our heads at them.

9. Her shopping techniques. A typical shopping trip with mom consists of, "Let's just go in here for fun" then "Try it on! Just for fun." then finally, "well, we have to get it because it's cute!" I am doomed to be a shopaholic.

10. She and my dad are the best parents EVER. They are so cute and always planning for their retirement in a wide variety of places. They'll end up in Utah though ;) jk.

happy birthday madre! Hope you're having a great day and I wish I was with you to celebrate. I'd be happy to tell you not to eat sugar because you'd regret it later :) (Ps. I know you'll hate most of these pictures but they're cute so just accept it.)


  1. What a beautiful tribute to your wonderful mother....that makes you wonderful too!
    Mary Ann Yost

  2. You are right, Sarah, your mother is fabulous, and darling and thoughtful and funny and so many other things. I feel so happy that I know her. I can tell you are her daughter because this is such a fun tribute. Hope you're having fun at the BY!