Sunday, October 17, 2010

This week has been quite stressful on my spectrum of "stressful weeks" but it's been a good one! So many happy things have happened I hope I can remember them all to record them for the public to enjoy.

I got a job this week which is both a good and bad thing haha. I got a call last friday afternoon and was offered a campus office job. They wanted me to start on Monday which was so exciting!... until I remembered the week ahead of me. 3 tests, a paper I needed to start thinking about and just an all around crazy week. It's turned out to be great though! Plus I can get extra hours on Friday's which will be perfect. Another happy little addition to the whole working experience is that my friend Brianna from high school is working with me!

I did also have a reality check this week: when did I get so old!? I had a homework assignment to map out my academic graduation plan-- I can graduate on time, meaning in a year and a half. WHAT!? The real world is coming up too fast and I do not like it. So i'm looking into a minor and internships that will elongate the "college experience" (Luckily I was already on the ball with London!) When did Annie and I grow up and get so old!?

I've had some pretty good study breaks this week too- memorable. A couple of quotes from people that have made for some serious laughs. (Not all will understand so sorry, but hopefully some will be fun to read!)
Julie: "Quincy! I need you!"
Quincy: "Do you need me to clean something!?"

Julie: "...I'm stuck."

Katie: "I'm feeling like a diva so I'm going to drink out of the diva cup."

Natalie: "SPENCER!"

Katherine: "My hair looks like a dinosaur tail..."

I've discovered a couple of things online that may be worth sharing because they make me happy so I'll have to use my discretion to pick the best one for this week. Hm. Okay I'll go with "Mila's Daydreams". There's a blog out there where this mama dresses up her daughter everday and puts her in "scenes". It's adorable. Here's one of my favorites.

I was doing some research and stubbled upon this article. It pretty well sums everything I believe about being happy. It lists the things that make people happier in essence. Take Notes!
Go to Church
Marry Well
Focus on the Family
Work, but not too much (or too little)
Get Social, and Get Moving

Have a happy week! Do the things that make you happy and write them down :)

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  1. this weekend was SO fun. thanks for letting my come play.
    love you girls.