Friday, November 19, 2010

Delta Drag

I flew home to VA today- finally. And I have to admit I was half dead this whole week trying to trudge through everything that had to get done, trying to have fun, working hard etc etc. Going to midnight showing of Harry Potter then working in the morning? not a great idea. So by the time I arrived at the airport I felt the need to just sleeeeep. Too bad Sara.

I got on the plane settled myself in my seat, all ready to just relax.
Then people came and sat next to me.

It all started with the normal chit chat about where we were going, where we were from, yada yada yada. It was fine, usually those conversations fade and you mind your own business the rest of the flight. Too bad "Greg" didn't feel the same way. He talked the WHOLE FLIGHT. The whole flight! Oh my gosh I wanted to leave so badly but where do you go when you're sitting on an airplane for hours!? He told me all about his career, his ethnicity, his college years, his political opinions, etc. I listened politely but started just giving one word responses. Not okay. He then said, "You were so perky when we got on the plane, are you grumpy or something now?" ughhhhh.

I tried listening to my iPod- he would tap me to talk to me.
I tried loading pictures on my computer- he commented on all of them.
I tried to play a game on my phone- he wanted to know all about it.
I tried looking out the window- he wanted to know what I was thinking about.
I tried sleeping- he observed that I was having a hard time falling asleep.

This 45 year old man would NOT leave me alone. He asked me all about my life, tried to set me up with the cowboy from Wyoming with shoulder length hair who was sitting in our row, kept telling me how cute I was and wanted me to help him find baggage claim. Leave. Me. Alone.

Finally, we were getting off the plane and I clung to Sarah Gerard for support, only to find out that a couple sitting in front of me was listening the WHOLE time and they were supremely entertained but thought it best I stick with them at baggage claim to avoid the creep. Thankfully my parents came in so I wasn't standing there vulnerable to his creepiness.

Thank goodness I'm away from that man. Never seat me next to him again Delta, never again.


  1. people like that are SO amusing. I don't understand it.
    isn't it common sense when you put your headphones in.. "don't talk to me"
    he obviously didn't get it.

  2. hhhhhhhhhaaaaaaaahahahahahahahahahahaha

    yes. even better than sitting next to obese people on the plane.