Thursday, November 4, 2010

these are a few of my favorite things...

In the last few weeks I've discovered a few things that I love. Little and silly things, but they are the things that make me smile.

1. The Disney Pandora Station.
2. Looking over my shoulder to everyone in the backseat as I drive over speedbumps
3. Scarves
4. Random phone calls, facebook posts, texts, etc- from people I don't talk to often but love.
5. Wallyball
6. Mail
7. Roommate-isms (house points, grateful lists, and love notes.
8. A full drawer of underwear
9. Communicating
10. Sammy's cupcake milkshakes
11. Lil' Wayne & Justin Bieber

Life Update: Last week I got a surprise visit from my sister! No one told me she was coming(everyone knew but me) and my cousin Megan met me for lunch with Annie as a surprise! It was great! I love love love having pieces of home here with me in Utah. My favorite part of her visit was probably when we took a drive up through the mountains. We were the only ones up there for the most part that day and it was AMAZING to see how huge the mountains were and how little we were. It was beautiful and peaceful and I loved every minute of it.

School is kicking my butt and while my brain is always on "frazzle" mode, all is well in that department. Just trying to keep up with everything :)

The countdown has begun for Thanksgiving break! (Less than 2 weeks if you were wondering!) I'm a little obsessed with home so I am super excited! I plan on going to the eastern market and rio grande, seeing my friends and most importantly my FAMILY! Not to mention all the yummy thanksgiving foods! While the next few weeks will be sooooo stressful, I can hardly wait to get on my plan the 19th at 5pm :)

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