Sunday, November 28, 2010

Turkeys=Eaten & Thanksgiving=Over

It's late and I'm Provo bound in the morning. I have mixed feelings about it I have to admit! It's FREEZING and snowy there, and it's slightly cold and sunny here. My roommates are in Utah and I am here. Pros and cons I suppose.

Break has been great and I'm always reminded of how blessed and grateful I am when I come home- thanksgiving or not. I am unbelievably lucky to have such strong friendships here that have endured my whole life. People who care about me and make me feel so so loved every time I see them.

We spent a lot of time over break shopping, which is hardly unusual if you know the Turners. Especially my mom and I. We hit Tysons and Reston Town Center on black Friday and Eastern Market on Saturday. This all goes without mentioning the ribbon outlet, Target, Nordstrom Rack and other random places. We love to shop that's for sure!

Unfortunately, I was a slacker in the picture department so I have zero exciting pictures of me doing anything. Luckily I have Christine to take care of me in that department :) We said our goodbyes to James and I promised to send him chex muddy buddies on his mission. Can I do that while I'm in London? hm.

Well back to Provo I go for a bittersweet last few weeks. Pros: end of the semester and London bound next semester! Cons: no more 304 and no more BYU Provo (yes, i'm slightly sad about it). I've been a pro and blog updates this week since I've had some free time on my hands- my head will begin the "stress spinning" again tomorrow. Just hope that I don't have to sit by Greg on my flight back.


  1. wow girl look at you! i get a shout out AND a link to the cat's meow?! what more could i ask for :) see ya in a few weeks for more nova fun!!

  2. Your post about Greg made me laugh SO hard! It sounded like the worst flight I have ever heard of! I'm so sorry little one. (Confession, I showed that blog about your flight to my friends because it just sounded to horrible. They all sympathized and said you win the worst flight ever award.) I'm glad you got to go home for turkey day! I expect to see you at the open house on the 18th! :)