Saturday, December 25, 2010

Christmas Eve in Washington

I'm back to wish everyone a very Merry Christmas! I just always get so happy for all the great things in my life this time of year I suppose. I think it's the familiarity of the traditions and the people that are around this time of year. Besides all the perks of being home and around the people I know, there are the events that bring people I love.

One of these traditions is the annual (or something like that) picture of Erin beating me up haha
2005 (?)
There are of course last minute shopping trips and planned lunches to catch up with friends but, I love the parties that go along with the season. Christmas Eve is a day full of festivities! We spend all day preparing for that evening, we first swing by the Annual Christmas Open House at the Hepfingers which is always fun to see everyone we know from the ward and and to spend time with the Heppys of course. Then we pick up our food from Rio Grande (my favorite) for our Christmas Party! Our group changes from year to year but it is always a blast! We have pizza, mexican food, and soups which is a total mix of foods but that's what makes it fun. Eating is followed by games and singing. 

You can't forget the Christmas Pageant where Mary is usually played by Erin and a different couple provides the baby Jesus every year followed by us all singing "Silent Night".
Nativity 2010
 Santa has also been known to make an appearance! 
Dan as Santa w/ Mishay and I, 2009
It's really great to spend the time with our "Virginia Family" as I like to refer to our group as. There are some that are missed as they've moved away, the kiddos have grown up for the most part and we have sent off missionaries, but we still have a great time together! 

Some of "the kids" 2006
Some of "the kids" 2010

The clean up crew arrives after everyone leaves (that's our dog Nikki) and we put our house back to it's normal, beautiful, Christmas state and settle in with just the four of us. We open our pajamas we got each other, evaluate the success of the party and head off to bed for Santa to spoil us in the morning. 

Merry, Merry Christmas yet again!

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

A Holy Jolly Christmas

The traditions have begun. The usual shopping, the annual parties, the last minute gift wrapping (or bags in my case), preparing food, eating treats and enjoying decorations. What isn't to love?

I also love this. What a perfect portrayal of what Christmas is all about from the kiddos. 

Some of our family's Christmas traditions include: opening pj's on Christmas Eve, decorating the Christmas tree while watching "Miracle on 34th Street", our annual Christmas Eve bash where I inevitably get coerced into playing a role in the nativity, the one day a year we have a prepared breakfast is on Christmas morning, and of course lots of treats and family time included.

What else is there to say except... Merry Christmas!

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

So Long, Farewell

Well, the bittersweet day has arrived:
Fall Semester 2010 has come to an end. 
No more Provo
No more BYU
No more 218th Ward
No more late night treat runs
No more random kitchen dancing
No more spontaneous 75 cent movies
No more Sammys
No more threats to sleep outside
No more family dinners
No more 304 family :(

This semester has been, by far, my best at BYU thus far. It is really sad to see it coming to an end. And I think the saddest part about it is that the girls of 304 are splitting up. We all have our adventures ahead of us but it's sad to be apart. We really have become a family and have created so many memories it'll be sad to not be together.
Our friend Craig tells us we're like a family so we really took that seriously. We assigned ourselves various roles based on our personalities and the duties we take upon ourselves haha.

Julie: our mama based on the delight she experiences in making us dinners and generally just taking care of us and telling us what to do from time to time, and just loves us all so much.
Quincy: initially dad but upon further consideration we decided that it would be more appropriate for her to be our grandmother (Julie's mother), based on her "I Love Old People" shirt and the fact that she enjoys nothing more than going to bed at unmentionably early hours.
Katie: while she resents her role the most, it is incredibly acurate. She is our rebellious teenager due to her late nights, lack of communication with her family and most especially because of the phrase she so often uses: "I do what I want!" What are we going to do with her?
Me: the beloved child in the family. I'm pretty sure this is because everyone just loves me so much, I can't think of any other reasons :) Okay okay, it might be because I like to tease everyone and pull little pranks on them. My favorite being standing outside the bathroom and scaring Julie when she comes out. It really is because I'm the favorite though.
We've also adopted a new father and grandfather into the picture, our neighbors Jerry and Derrek from across the street that so kindly brought us chocolate milk and gummy worms to help us through the stress of finals. How we'll miss them. A favorite memory with those wonderful boys is when we really had a need for hot chocolate so they allowed us to come over to share theirs and they had a "fireplace" all ready and waiting.

Another sad thing about leaving Provo is leaving my cousin Megan (aka Megalou). She is mission bound (Uruguay for those wondering!) and so I won't see her for quite sometime. I'll miss all the family of course but she is the one I won't see for the longest. Love you girl.

Okay, I'll stop being all sappy and reminiscent and say that I love my best friends of 304 and have appreciated Provo more than ever before this semester. I'll be back. Don't you worry.

Friday, December 10, 2010

Finals Festivities

Well it's finals week. 
Am I stressed?
Not really.
Should I be?

I have too many other fun things to look forward to. Parents visiting, our Christmas party, Snow Christmas party and Turner Christmas party. Tis the season to celebrate!

I'm just really hoping that my two favorite elves stop by. 
But if not, I'll settle for my favorite Christmas song:

Saturday, December 4, 2010

20 1/2 and counting...

Today is my half birthday.
To celebrate I went to Target.
Luckily, my shopping whim resulted in running into my Grandma, Aunt Sallie, cousin Megan and her friend Krista!
So my solo target celebration turned into a lunch with the family.
And now I'm watching Mean Girls with Quincy, sitting amongst Christmas decorations.
What a day.

My twentieth year is moving tooooooo quickly if you ask me.
Even though the more time goes and the older I get, 
the closer I get to LONDON. 
One month from today I'll be on a plane Europe bound.