Tuesday, January 25, 2011

18 Years Young

Considering I am an awful older sister because Annie will not receive a present from me this year for her birthday: A blog post, just for her.

Our family events would just not be the same without Annie doing something to make everyone laugh, make a weird face, or shushing her. She is just too lively to control. The story we all like to share that illustrates this is that she was talking to my dad about getting a new car for college, and her argument to rid herself of the civic was, "Dad, it's not big enough for my personality!" So true sister but I think you're stuck with the civic and will have to wait on that range rover. Maybe you'll get the bike you dream of one day :)

Who knew that after you stole my blanket it would become your favorite item so many years later and that we would grow out of this phase.

Happy Birthday from the land of our ancestors Annie, I'll say hello to Canterbury and Dover for you tomorrow as you celebrate and get spoiled :)

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