Sunday, January 23, 2011

All You Need is Love

Well after a weekend of bus rides, hotel rooms and essentially ridiculous antics, we're back in London. Home sweet home. Who knew I'd be happy to get back to a room of 14 girls and bunk beds?

Our first adventure was taking the morning to drive to Fountains Abbey right outside of York up north. It was such a pretty place and even though we unfortunately didn't have too much time there, it was really great to walk around and see the beautiful place we were in. It was an area that was secluded from everything and had trees and a great little rive running through it. We have gotten pretty lucky with a mostly sunny week and that made it even more fun.

We were left to entertain ourselves in York that night after we checked into our hotel. Which was much nicer than expected and Laura and I loved having a bathroom for just the two of us. But surprisingly, York shuts down at around 5:30pm so we ate dinner and just hung out in the hotel trying to get to know everyone in our group better and just having a lot of fun. Julie and Maddy came to our room for a sleep-over which resulted in our guests getting most of the covers and most of the bed. We also came to realize the evolution of "the sleepover": first sleepovers you stay up late, eating, talking, playing games. Then you get into the stage of turning a movie on, talking and falling asleep at a normal hour. And finally, as evident from this weekend, you read and go to bed without talking too much. Have we grown up or just gotten boring? Or is that the same thing? :)

The next morning we walked the Roman Wall in York and went to the York Minster/Cathedral. I've realized that having a guided tour is much better than wandering around on your own, it is much more interesting. It is really great to walk around these cathedrals and Abbey's but I may be nearing a point where, you see one- you've seen 'em all. Then we went to Preston.

We went on a church history tour in Preston which, despite the freezing weather, was really interesting. We saw where the first missionaries in England (and later President Hinckley) preached the Gospel, where the missionaries lived, where the saying "Truth will Prevail" came from, and where the first baptisms were. We ended the tour by going to the Preston Temple which we timed PERFECTLY because we got there right at sunset so it was beautiful. After seeing all the Catholic/Church of England Abbeys and Cathedrals, it was nice to see a temple :)

We ended up in Liverpool that night, set free to entertain ourselves again. We went to dinner and then returned to the hotel where we entertained ourselves by playing charades, listening to the Beatles and really getting to the bottom of everyones personal lives. We had the quite the night of hilariously, bizarre things happening.

In the morning, after another (this time forced) sleepover, we went to the Beatles Museum in Liverpool. It was fun to BE where all that musical history began. We then got mexican food for lunch- the happiest I've been since I ate my first crepe here, and returned to the bus to trek home.

We had a GREAT weekend of getting to know everyone better, seeing fun things and just getting out of London to see the rest of England. I'm starting to realize how little I care about what is going on in the U.S. the more I spend my time here. Who knows what's going on on Grey's Anatomy! I guess I'll find out in a few months, but for now I am loving London.

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