Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Defying Gravity

Before I get to the main event of this week thus far, a quick recap!

Unfortunately, I'm not too exciting. I've spent a lot of time doing homework, granted my homework in London is somewhat different then "Provo Homework". I did have to do a bunch of reading on Sunday and pretty much everyday but it's also included being out and about in London.

First thing was the Victoria and Albert Museum- so far my favorite. I realize I haven't been to that many yet BUT I love just wandering around that beautiful building and I looooove the hall of sculptures right down the middle. They're mostly sculptures of greek/roman gods and goddesses. I don't know why they enchant me so much haha.

Then today we did a walk for our London Walks class (original right?), we crossed across the Thames and tooled around by the river walking by the Globe Theater, a cathedral, the Borough Market, the London Bridge and across the Tower Bridge to the Tower of London. It is such a beautifully, sunny day which made it GREAT! Cold but sunny :) After our walk we went over to the Museum of London- cool but not as great as Victoria and Albert, of course.

Now the main event: Wicked. We went to the Apollo Victoria to see it last night and I was excited but I've seen it before so not jumping out of my skin excited. Then it started and I remembered why I loved it. It is clever and Elphiba always blows me away! Loved every minute-- especially how excited everyone that hadn't seen it before was :)

Tomorrow morning we're headed North for a couple days. We'll be back on Saturday and I'll be sure to update on Sunday as usual :)

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  1. "enchant"? "tooled"? what is this vocabulary you're developing?! haha love it though and love your updates :)