Monday, January 31, 2011

Do You Hear the People Sing?

First of all: it is after midnight and I am still awake. This is weird because I am always the first to give up and roll over to sleep every single night. But here I am too happy to sleep.

Today was the day that we saw Les Miserables. Okay, I've seen it in DC and saw our high school production twice. Maybe it was the magic of seeing it London? Maybe it was the people we were with? Maybe it was me? Who knows. All I know, is that I love it ALLLLLL over again.

The night all started with all of us getting all dressed up to go see it. That made it more fun. We looked cute and felt cute and were off to see a musical on the West End in London. Magical. So we zip over on the tube and as we're walking over we round the corner to see "LES MISERABLES" everywhere. So of course we start taking pictures, getting really giddy, and walking faster to get there (out of excitement and because we were cold). Scurry in to find our seats, take some pictures, tell Julie not to cry and indulge in the music. sigghhhhhhh. Bliss.

After seeing it this time, it reconfirmed my love for Eponine and "On My Own". She is by far my favorite character. Of course I liked Jean Valjean but that's just obvious. PLUS in this production, Javier's voice was aaaaamazing, plus he was Black. Yes.

After the final bows, we all wiped our tears and skipped the whole way home. We sang, we chattered and most of all we were excited that the night wasn't even over.

We have established a "Finer Things Club" here at the Centre. If you are an Office fan you will remember when Pam, Toby and Oscar get together for their finer things club to discuss literature and other things of substance. Our club consists of eating and laughing. Today was the ultimate club gathering. We ate lots of bread with cheese, pesto, and olive oil. We also had some nice juices, some grapes and a lot of chocolate. It was great.

A night of sophistication in London-- or lack thereof I suppose. We embarrass ourselves in public. That's okay. Oh but wait, the sophistication continues. We're having tea at Kensington Palace tomorrow.

I'll leave you with my favorite line from the music of Les Miserables :)
"To Love Another Person is to See the Face of God."

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  1. I was not aware the adjective "black" was a proper noun.

    And whatever. you were sobbing along with the rest of us!