Friday, January 7, 2011

A Foggy Day in London Town

I'm pretty sure I underestimated the weather here. I knew it would rain, I knew it would be foggy- but seriously. It RAINS and is ALWAYS foggy. I don't really mind it too much though with my boots, an umbrella and a rain jacket. Plus, I've accepted that I will NEVER do my hair (variations of "the ponytail" will be great!)

Two updates in a row, this is great! Today we woke up to go over to the Tower of London, which was somewhat depressing through a lot of it but the Crown Jewels seriously made up for it. So many shiny, huge diamonds. I was just standing there in the rain staring at everything in awe. It's just so pretty seeing everything in person.

After that, we had a very non-authentic lunch at Subway, hopped back on the Tube and went to Westminster Abbey. My favorite place BY FAR, even though I'm sure it'll change. It was so cool to just see all the different people that were buried there, how huge it was, how beautiful the building itself was, and just how much history is in that one place. We snuck some secret pictures (didn't get caught, phew) and just wandered around looking at who was there. It was SO gorgeous.

Thennnn we just ventured around over to Trafalgar Square and more Tube riding. A lot of close calls with cabs-- as in, almost getting run down. I really need to learn to look left for cars coming. They do after all drive on the other side of the road.

I'm so so sorry that I don't have pictures yet, I have them on my computer but can't download them using my internet here at the Center. I'll have to just do "photo posts" here and there. Tomorrow we have a play and the changing of the guard at Buckingham Palace. Who knows what else will happen though. We've done a lot of wandering around just staring at things lately, it's just as amusing as doing anything else so far!

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