Sunday, January 16, 2011

I've Only Been Here a Week!?

It seems impossible that it's only been like 10 days that I've been here! We've just done so much! I know these pictures may not be that exciting but I feel as if the pictures with people IN THEM are more interesting than just "things". Enjoy!
Harrods :) The most wonderful store!
Crepes are the dessert of choice and this one is probably my favorite one, it has strawberries, white chocolate and whipped cream. Delish!
Stonehenge! This is on the opposite side of it, you can get a lot closer to it on the other side but I'll have to steal other peoples pictures for those shots

The British Museum. This is where we had to do our "homework" for two of our classes this week. Had to look at artifacts and then sketch our favorite and least favorite pieces of art. My kind of homework

Right across the street from the museum they had a great little portrayal of life in London :)

The Roman Baths. Which was so cool, mostly just a great building with a lot of history.

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