Thursday, January 6, 2011

Just Touched Down in Londontown

I'm here! I got to London.... yesterday? today? 2 days ago? Who knows. All I know is today is Thursday and I'm still jet lagged, close to recovery I think. Throughout my travels I think I slept like 15 minutes in each airport and like an hour on the plane. So basically 24+ hours without sleep, but we HAD to acclimate so we just kept on staying awake and made it until like 9:30 before I passed out.

Besides the jet lag however, things are GREAT here on the island. No culture shock to speak of and we are just wandering around London trying to get used to our surroundings. Today for example we decided to go get dessert and just hopped on the tube, picked a station and started walking around. We ended up grabbing a waffle from a waffle stand then heading over to King's cross to embrace our inner Harry Potter and visit platform 9 3/4. (Which proved to be hard to find!) -Pictures to come-

Loving Life in London. I'll try and keep this updated but our internet at the center is TERRIBLE, I'm currently sitting in a McDonalds a couple blocks away so this will be the place to blog. Love to all from Londontown!

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  1. yay i love it! keep updating all day ery day!