Wednesday, January 26, 2011

London Film

On Monday a group of us went to see the King's Speech. I realize in the States it has an R rating but I justified it for myself because I'm in London and it's applicable to my life.

It was AWESOME. Colin Firth was great and so was Geoffry Rush. We went to the quaint theater down the street where we paid 3 pounds for the movie. They had renovated an old theater (as in plays) to a movie theater so they had some balconies, great velvet seats, it was so fun. We had zero leg room and the lady behind me's knees were pulling on my hair but the movie made up for it.

The best part about it was that there was a scene in Regent Park and coincidently I had been there that VERY day walking down the same path as Colin Firth! Then they had a scene at Buckingham Palace, been there too! It was so cool! The funniest thing was that every time Winston Churchill came onscreen everyone in the theater would laugh and the hair pulling woman behind me said under her breath, "oh, how ridiculous". It was like we were being excluded from some big English joke. Granted, his character is played by the same guy who plays Wormtail on Harry Potter, so maybe that was why he was ridiculous? Who knows.

Anyway, the movie was FABULOUS, and I just loved seeing it here. It may not have been as good in Provo. Sorry.

As for the rest of my life in London? Well, I've done some shopping this week and we had a trip to Dover and Canterbury today which, was fun yet kind of a bust considering we couldn't do everything as planned. I had some quality sleeping time on the bus which was needed after kitchen crew this week. It wears you out for SURE. So, I guess it was a success because I got to sleep and then we got some Mexican food once we got back to London, nothing could have made me happier. Oh but WAIT, I got goldfish from my mom. 

Life is Lovely.

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