Saturday, January 29, 2011

Parliament Protests

This morning we had a scheduled tour at Parliament. It was great! Unfortunately you can't take any pictures inside but it was a great tour! We walked the same route that the Queen herself takes when she visits Parliament every year. The new Parliament building was built in like 1840 so it was during Queen Victoria's reign and our tour guide kept referring to her as, "The Young Queen". We kept looking at each other because we watched "Young Victoria" last night and knew alllllll about our dear Queen Victoria.

Note: I am obsessed with Victoria & Albert and everything they've ever done.

Anyway, our tour was really interesting and quite informative. Another interesting tidbit is that we were in a room where the Tudors and the Stewarts had their portraits and our guide was explaining the succession from King Henry VII down to Elizabeth I. Except, on the other wall their was a portrait of Lady Jane Grey and she did not even mention dear Jane and her reign for the short nine days before Queen Mary. It was so interesting, mostly considering I just read Nine Days A Queen and feel for sweet Jane. Random but, I thought it interesting.

Heather and I in front of Parliament
So after our tour we were making the walk from Parliament to Trafalgar Square to go to the National Gallery for our art class. As we were walking, we quickly realized that we were walking against the protest that was held today by students, angry about raising tuition. It was pretty exciting! There were people chanting "Revolution, Revolution!" (among other things), holding banners, banging on drums, and lighting flares. It was awesome. It was peaceful and safe Mom, I promise. We just caught the protest bug as we walked by and resisted the temptation to join in. Instead we just took pictures. 

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