Sunday, January 9, 2011

Sundays in London

Today was the first sunday here in London and we went to our assigned wards. We were all put in groups of three or so and assigned to two different stakes in the area the Hyde Park Stake and my stake (which the name has left me for now). We didn't get our "assignments" (not callings) yet but I'll get an e-mail in the next week or so about what it is. We meet in a school building and it is a REALLY small ward. We are already on the schedule to teach relief society and give talks in sacrament meeting. We had to take the tube, to the train and then walk a couple blocks to the building. Today we had a very eventful trip there. Didn't know what we were doing first of all, then on the train a woman told us that she loved our accents, aren't they the ones with accents? She was really nice and really intrigued about the United States. We got lost while trying to find our building and a man in a McDonalds was really great to help us find our way then we saw a man we met on the train and he yelled across the street to us, "OH! It's the New Yorkers!"... almost. haha. It was fun, it's very different from any ward I've ever been in, but that's the point!

Since my last post we have done more exploring of course! Two nights ago we ventured to Picadelly Circus which was a little bit like a mini Times Square, then to Chinatown which was like any other Chinatown. BUT we found the BEST dessert place. I ordered the raspberry tart which looked tasty and when the woman handed it to me she said that I ordered the best thing in the house- SCORE. And she was right. I died and went to heaven it was so good and I'm STILL raving about it.

Yesterday we slept in which I think really helped to fix the jet lag, and we headed to Buckingham Palace to watch the changing of the guard, the Queen was "in residence" but she didn't say hello unfortunately. It was mostly just fun to people watch, so much diversity! I love it! We were freezing our butts off though so we decided to venture over to Harrods to "warm up".

I kept thinking about Parent Trap when we were there when the mom tells "Annie", "let's go get lost in Harrods". She was NOT kidding. I quite literally got lost looking at all the expensive wonderful things. Just about EVERYTHING was out of my price range but it was really fun to just venture through. So we were starving of course after that so we decided to get something to eat (elsewhere). We eventually chose this Chinese restaurant. MISTAKE! we were charged $5 for our water and no one spoke. It was so uncomfortable and we did not know what the etiquette was and we just couldn't wait to get out of there. Never go to a restaurant without researching haha.

So then we had a play to get to (The Woman in Black- creepy crawly but good!), and we were running suuuuper late. So we RAN everywhere we went. A girl got caught in a tube door, some got ditched on a platform, lost a pack of gum, almost got hit by cars, got yelled at by car drivers, and finally: arrived just in time to get in.

After the play we went over to Camden Gardens and got cookies from Big Ben's cookies and dinner at a pizza place and just explored all the fun shops. There was a group of strings players playing and they were quite entertaining, one man would continually play but chase after people, give seducing poses and just creep. It was hilarious. That night we returned to the Center for a night of chatting and laughing.

It's only been like 4 days and I'm already having the time of my life! Holy London!


  1. Sounds like a dream!!! Keep posting!!!!

  2. You've discovered Ben's cookies!!! And isn't Harrod's positively ridiculous? We spend 3 hours there and never got off the main floor! I am excited to follow your adventures because it's like a rerun of Laura's life a year ago. Keep having fun:)