Thursday, January 27, 2011

What A Prankster....

So I have this friend, Maddy. It's fun to tease her. She doesn't brush her hair sometimes, she throws her computer at Julie, has a re-group on Thursdays and today she lost all her pajama bottoms.

Okay, so she didn't lose them. Julie and I may have taken them and hidden them. So when it came time for her to get ready for bed she was frantically running around looking for her other half of her pajamas. Naturally I was laughing hysterically on my bed unable to control my giggling. Eventually she said, "Sara! What did you do with them!" For some reason I always get blamed for EVERYTHING. Granted, most of the time I am involved if not behind it all but this time- I had my partner in crime Julie.

It all turned out great. Maddy found her PJ's in Laura's drawer and is now fully clad in her floral pajama set. It sure made for a good laugh though. Oh Maddy, pull yourself together :)

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