Sunday, February 27, 2011

An Afternoon Stroll

Yesterday I had one (or a series of) those moments you want to always remember.

It was a rough morning to start the day, all I wanted was a bagel and in the search of one our group got seperated. We didn't end up with bagels but we did get crepes and then chocolate covered strawberries and a fajita from Camden. Julie and I were trying to be productive and go to a museum but upon arrival to the tube stop we confessed how tired we were and all we wanted to do was get out of the rain and lay in our beds listening to music. 
So we did.

I had to prepare my talk for today (Sunday) and as I researched the topic of "godly sorrow" I was feeling glum. To remedy this I put on my rainboots and raincoat and decided to go on a walk. I walked outside to discover it wasn't raining anymore and the sun was making a much anticipated appearance. 

All I brought with me was my iPod and my camera. 
The essentials.
As I walked watching all the people walking with their dogs, feeding the birds, riding bikes, rollerblading, playing soccer (or football, whatever), playing with their kids or just strolling, my mood greatly improved. My mind immediately cleared and all I could do was just look at how beautiful Hyde Park was on a presumably rainy day that turned whimsical.
The first thing I noticed was the emergence of SPRING! There were daffodils in full bloom and other purple flowers on the verge of budding. The grass is always green here so a combination of the grass and flowers made for a great visual.

I kept walking and got to the lake on the far side of Hyde Park. The sun was lowering and it was creating unbelievable effects on the water and on the boat houses along the way.

I couldn't resist taking pictures of myself as I walked around. I found myself just having complete peace of mind and really just smiling at myself as I walked. (I did send a smile to a group of people I walked by and could faintly hear them calling after me, too bad I had my iPod in and "couldn't hear them" haha)

As I reluctantly headed home (mostly because I had to go to the bathroom but also because the sun was rapidly setting), the clouds were doing incredible things and making the sky even more miraculous than it was when I first entered the park. I walked along the far side of the park past the Albert Memorial (which I love) and through some covered paths. Who knew it was such a beautiful day for a walk in the park? :)

"The best remedy for those who are afraid, lonely or unhappy is to go outside, somewhere where they can be quiet, alone with the heavens, nature and God. Because only then does one feel that all is as it should be."
Anne Frank


  1. LOVE those unexpectedly wonderful days! :)

  2. Miss Sara, you are one of my most favorites. I lovelove this.