Friday, February 4, 2011

The Enchanted Palace

Today was such a good day I need to break routine and write about it. This blog has begun a record of notable things rather than everything I do. As it should be, right?

So this morning, our plan was to be out by 9:30am and get going. When we all woke up around 10, we realized that would not be possible. So we took our sweet time getting ready and Julie and I took an unusually long tube ride to get to the begininng of our London Walk. It was lovely wandering around together and finding a MEXICAN RESTAURANT. I love it. The best part about it, kind of, was that it was so windy. At one point I had to yell for Julie to hear what I was saying-- embarrassing.

After our excellent Burritos/tacos for lunch we went to Kensington Palace and the exhibit they have called the enchanted palace: AMAZING. It is in the Kensington Palace (obviously) and is all about the 7 princesses that have lived there over the years. You have to kind of investigate to figure out who the princesses were and in order to really understand it all you had to ask the "explainers". We learned so much about all these princesses that we want to just become their biggest fans and learn ALL about them!

Note: Mom and Dad, we're going here when you come.

Loved it. Best part about it was we asked one of the "explainers" to tell us about things and she informed us with a lot of interesting details and she even gave us some insight into all things British. We loved it. She talked to us about the upcoming marriage of William and Kate, Princess Diana and all the royals in general. It was great! Anyway, to all those planning on coming to London anytime soon. Add this to your to-do list!

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