Thursday, February 24, 2011

First Signs of Spring

I love Blog-worthy days!
Today was one of those days. 

It all started when I briefly opened my eyes at probably like 7ish this morning and saw sun coming through the window. I had a brief moment of joy and then rolled over and went back to sleep.
Then I woke up stressing about BYU Admissions, weird? Kind of. Not for me though, for Annie! And thankfully she was ACCEPTED! I sent frantic e-mails and facebook messages to my family to get the news. I finally heard officially during Art (sorry for my facebook during class Sis Crowe :/). 

So I pranced upstairs after class and announced to my room that Annie was IN! Maddy, Julie and I all had sisters waiting to hear and they all got in! They're taking us on sister dates next year whether they want to or not. 
Dining Plus here we come!

So as we all got ready today we were listening to music and bouncing around excited for the day. We all (mostly) wore our Oxford garb that we bought when we were there yesterday (I plan to move there someday and be a student because everything about it screams SARA!.. but that's another story) and we all actually did our hair. Big Day. Julie had some straightening action, Laura and Maddy did the usual curls, and then Laura curled my hair. 

We pranced downstairs where Blake and Ramzi were patiently waiting, sorry guys, and we headed down the street for Pizza Hut Buffet. Yes, we are in London and yes, we ate at Pizza Hut. It was wonderful. We all had 50 slices and 20 breadsticks between the 7 of us. We challenged the rest of the center to do the same. Then clearly that wasn't enough so we got Frog to cleanse the pallet. 

Note: Today was BEAUTIFUL it was at least 50 degrees and sunny. I had a sweater but took it off for the majority of the day. Keep that in mind.

So we then went to go do a walk for class and went to Hammersmith and walked along the Thames. SO GORGEOUS. We watched all the boaters paddle around and took a great number of pictures as we pranced along the river. It was so pretty.

Then we headed back into town for a bike ride! Yes, we just rented some bikes and tooled around Hyde Park on our bikes. Magical. I almost died a few times for 2 reasons: when was the last time I rode a bike? I don't know. Also, I have short legs and bikes are tall. Tragic, yet still fun.

I realize now that my lack of exciting details doesn't really portray how wonderful this day was. But again, the weather was completely and utterly BEAUTIFUL and I was so happy when I saw the sun all day long. Sunglasses and all. *sigh*

Now I'm watching Notting Hill while I in fact SIT in Notting Hill. Or down the street from it. :)

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