Monday, February 14, 2011

Love in London

I get the feeling the title of this post will give the impression that I have found love in London. 
It's just Valentine's Day.

Starting this morning. I was a mess this morning. Not the crying mess, just a tired wreck. Devon just laughed at me as I struggled to stand up, open my eyes and just wake up for breakfast. She then instructed me to just open the door and I would feel better. Low and behold, Ramzi made all the girls Valentines and left them in a beautiful display outside our bedroom door. Darling Boy! So that was sweet! 

Then I pulled myself together and as we were headed out for the afternoon we saw a huge bouquet of roses with a note saying they were for all the study abroad girls. Again sweet! Upon further investigation we discovered they were from the boys in our program. Who knew all these boys took such good care of us!? Darling.

After going to a museum for fine arts, Julie and I met up with Maddy and Laura (a successful meeting time without cell phones- WHAT!) for Ben's Cookies and shopping! We all treated ourselves to new underwear and other goodies from TopShop, wandered around Selfridges looking at chocolate and make-up. I arrived home to flowers from Mom and Dad, :) then dinner and getting ready for the BALLET!

We went to the Royal Opera House and saw Swan Lake which made me think immensely of the movie Swan Princess, rightly so. It was great. I was mesmerized by their feet and body control. All you ballerinas out there: respect. :) I wanted to walk in a more graceful manner all night. 

Of course we finished a classy event with a meeting of the finer things club. Mostly just bread and cheese. Fabulous none the less. 

Happy Valentine's Day from London, friends. I love you all!

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