Tuesday, February 22, 2011


We seem to have a problem of judging the amount of time it takes to do things. 
When I say this, I mean for shows. 
So we have to run.

The first time this happened was for The Woman in Black. We got off the tube (after some members of our group got stuck in the doors) and had to ask someone for directions to the theater. A nice man whipped out his iPhone and showed us how to get there and we took off running. Halfway up the massive hill that we were running up, we got exhausted and realized running was a mistake. Too bad. Had to keep running! We got there right before it started and then shook our heads at those that arrived 10 minutes into the show. tsk tsk. 
Like we had any room to talk.

Second time was for Swan Lake. Heather kept informing us of what time it was and that we weren't going to make it. Put your watch away Heather! So we run up the escalators (ugh) at the tube station, ask for directions and take off running. Luckily, this theater was literally right around the corner so our running was unnecessary. Made it in plenty of time.

Then last night: This was the worst of all. Blake, Lyse and I went to Frog and Tesco after dinner and upon arriving home realized everyone had left with our tickets to An Ideal Husband. So we look up what theater it's at and rely on maps to get us there. Of course the Central Line would be slightly delayed so after a long wait we got on the stinkin HOT tube and wait impatiently until we get to our stop. Ask someone for directions, follow them for like 2 minutes and then trusted our instincts. 


So we're running down streets with no clue as to where we're going so Blake (probably thinking all the while that he will NEVER trust girls ever again) asks for directions. The man says we're in for a "trek" and helped him out. 


So we ran.. no sprinted. I should note, we passed like 4 tube stops along the way that we could have gotten off at. So we're sprinting down all these streets, weaving through people, jumping over children, dodging cars etc etc. Eventually we spot the theater, pick up the pace and walk in realizing: oh wait, we don't have our tickets.

Dang it.

So luckily, the people know we're with our BYU group and let us wait until a good point to come into the theater. So we're waiting there as we sweat, take off our layers and pant for air. Then in prance Laura, Julie, Heather, Devon and Maddy. With our tickets. They were late too! haha. What a mess.
Now another note: Laura is always quite aggressive in getting our tickets for things so we can sit together and so that we can have good seats. Naturally she did this for An Ideal Husband. Meaning we had the 8 seats directly in between the professors and in front of everyone else. 


So we prance in late, all sweaty and exhausted feeling completely ridiculous, climbing over people and getting sarcastic comments from everyone in our group. 

So what have we learned? 
Leave EARLY for plays. 
You will embarrass yourself and you will be exhausted after running.

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  1. is the guy that works at frog dark haired and really hot??