Saturday, February 5, 2011

So Much Food, So Little Time

While most of my days here are spent looking at, thinking about, or eating treats: today was one of those days where I've done all three in excess.

Looking at: This morning at the Camden Market the following foods were available: chocolate/caramel filled churros, chocolate covered fruit, a fabulous donut/pastry stand, cupcakes, cookies, hot chocolate, and crepes. This does not even include all the other food stands with mexican, italian, indian, thai food etc etc etc. We just kept wishing we had larger appetites to eat it ALL.

Eating: we luckily ate a fair amount of the offered food. Starting with lunch. Laura and Julie ate some of the chicken getting thrown at them essentially from all the asian food options while I ate a large slice of pizza. Then we swiftly returned to the donut stand and then later went to get chocolate covered fruit.

Thinking about: Since our whole day has essentially been based around food (also it's World Nutella Day), we have been thinking about it throughout the entire day. We-- but mostly I--- have been bottomless pits trying to eat all this fabulous food!

Granted, I should clarify that my picky eating habits have persisted since being in London. I still have to avoid Indian food, eggs, ground beef etc etc. Luckily! This in no way applies to most desserts. As demonstrated by my eating habits today... and yesterday... and pretty much everyday. I'll start working on my summer workout plan.

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