Sunday, February 20, 2011

Think Of Me Fondly

This week was one of our first weeks in awhile that we spent a lot of our time here and London and not gallivanting around Europe. 

Tuesday we spent in Southall which is a "Little India" of sorts. We went to a Sikh temple where we fashioned scarves to cover our heads then went to an Indian style meal. I was not thrilled about this excursion because of my picky eating. I enjoyed a nice carb filled meal of rice and na'an and of course a Diet Coke. Luckily all ended well, meaning we got soaked on our walk back to the train and I couldn't see because I took off my glasses. :)

Wednesday: a group of us went to the London Temple. It was a great way to spend the day and it was beautiful! A great sunny day with some incredible puffy white clouds accentuating the sunshine. It really was a great activity and one of the highlights for sure. 

Thursday: Class filled day with a walk to fill the space in between. The walk took us around Parliament, Westminster Abbey and eventually to Buckingham Palace. Later that night we had a spur of the moment decision to go to The Phantom of the Opera. Excellent decision. It was sooooo good. When Christine started singing, I turned to Julie and was said, "Woah! That girl has got pipes!" That pretty much sums up the whole show. It was phenomenal. After it was over, our group ran into another group that happened to be there that same night! Of course, we got a picture.

Friday: Day Trip! We started off by going to Hampton Court Palace where Henry VIII lived during his reign. We still believe he was "out of control" (as Maddy likes to say). We also decided while we were there that for Halloween next year we will have a King Henry and his wives. So British. We also hit up the bridge right by Parliament so we could get a great view of Parliament, Big Ben, the London Eye and the London County Hall all lit up! It was pretty, we were freezing. 

Saturday: another day of Camden Market (aka food). I ate chocolate covered things, a chicken fajita, some apple cider. It was wonderful. I couldn't bring myself to eat anything else until we forced ourselves to go get dinner at like 9pm. It was excellent. 

Sunday: well. Church had no heat today. So we were freezing. However, my little favorite primary child Tommy shone. He shook hands with the other kids when they completed the tower they were building, he dragged me by the hand around to play with him. So darling! Church was followed by the usual makeshift lunch and skype dates. This time with my family and then with Colleen! So happy!

Not an exciting post. Apologies.

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