Monday, March 14, 2011

Hurry Love!

On the beautiful sunny days in London, we jump on the opportunity to go outside. So today we decided to knock off something that's been on our list and go paddle boating in Hyde Park. We trekked over there and hopped in our boats. My boat included me, Julie, Laura and Collin. Laura and Collin were great little paddlers while Julie and I enjoyed the ride. Then the other boat was Heather, Devon and Maddy. They all traded off paddling.

So after we get in our boats, we are feeling snacky. In the park they have food stands all over the place with crepes, sandwiches, crisps (aka potato chips) etc etc. So we decided that it would be easy enough to paddle over to the edge and Julie could hop out and buy us all crepes! Excellent plan. So off she goes and runs over to the stand. Quickly after she left the staff guy in his motor boat came over to scold us. Whoops! He was nice enough he just told us to be careful when we let her back in. Okay, thanks sir! So we just hover near the edge until she comes back... and the guy hovers over us. So eventually he comes over and pins us to the bank so that Julie can get back in safely. This would all be fine and dandy if the crepe ladies didn't take FOREVER! Julie was waiting over there forever to get the crepes which meant me, Laura and Collin had to stay with the motor boat man for awhile. All he kept saying is, "what is she getting?" "hurry up love!" We all giggled through the awkwardness and our sister boat with Maddy, Heather and Collin all flip cam-ed the whole interaction.

Finally Julie comes back, gets in the boat and the motor boat man leaves us to our crepes. Turns out Julie felt completely ridiculous getting the crepes because she got 4 and had to wait around and keep adding crepes to her pile. Then as she went to pay she didn't have enough money so the girls working let a pound slide.

So we ate our crepes, laughed about how embarrassing it was, and kept on paddling. We didn't let the other boat steal any of our crepes. We did let them lick our plates though. They did.

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