Sunday, March 20, 2011

I Don't Even Know...

Lately, we've all been wondering about who we're living with in the Centre. It is quite the ridiculous living situation.

I have 13 girls in my room.
Our professors live on the other side of our flat.
There are 33 girls living in one building.
And only 6 boys.
None of us knew each other before.
Now we know everything about each other.
Then we'll leave and go back to life.
So strange.

I think we really started talking about this when in Ireland. It's hilarious because we know everything about eachother. How many people everyone's kissed, what their current relationship status is, how many family members they have, their mom's maiden names, sleeping habits, how we travel, clothing style, foods they like/don't like, kinds of music we like, how we act when emotionally unstable or grumpy, things we like to do in London, etc. etc.

Then we'll leave in a month and sadly probably not talk to a lot of people for awhile. Then think, "wait a second, who was I living with for 4 months!?"

Over our last trips we have shared a bathroom with our Professor and his family and the 6 boys that are here with us. Blake put it well when he said, "I know more about you girls then your husbands will in your first year of marriage." The boys know things that all boys are supposed to be shielded from in girl world. Like how often we shave our legs, what we look like when we haven't showered for a few days, what we wear when we're desperate for a new outfit.

What an experience.

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