Tuesday, March 29, 2011

It's WHAT time!?

A theme is starting to occur in daily life of the Centre. 
Late Nights.

They've always kinda happened. Just the random nights of staying up talking or being out late after an event but it's just getting out of hand.

It all started last week. 
We stayed up to watch the BYU game (moment of silence for their loss) and after it ended me, Maddy, Blake and Heather ended up staying up until 5am just chatting. Then the same thing has seemed to happen almost every night!

Tonight we went to a the England v. Ghana soccer game at Wembley Stadium (yes, it was awesome) and we got home at like 10:30 at the latest. We sat in the servery talking until it was at least 1am. Then we made our way upstairs only to stop in front of our room and talk some more. 

Yes, I'm always exhausted the next morning but I never regret my decision to stay up late because this is becoming a defining thing of my "London experience". 

It's pretty incredible how nearly 4 months ago we barely knew each other. We were friends on facebook and had probably asked each others names 3+ times each. Yet here we are. We often have conversations where we encourage the sharing of secrets, look-up our friends/family/stalkee's on facebook, and often just sit and laugh. I really wish I could put into words how much I love this aspect of being here. It's a sad thought that after spending nearly every waking moment together we are going to go back to the lives we led before. These people have just become the "regulars" of my life.

Maddy jumps falls off her bed every morning.
Laura at one point in the day will say "Where's my flash drive!?"
Julie will inevitably listen to me confess something.
Blake will give a creepy glare my way
(and to everyone else we encounter)
Collin will receive ridicule for his "bed head look"
Geoff will say something rude and swiftly apologize.
I, of course, will trip everyone at least once a day. 

But it's moments like these that I'll always remember. 
And the people too. 
Of course. 

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  1. *Heather will be napping in my bed.
    Love late night chats when I'm there. Remember me remember me remember me...