Sunday, March 20, 2011

Luck o' the Irish

"PS I Love You" music was my soundtrack while in Ireland, take a listen while reading:

I wish I had a more creative way of recounting my trips but play-by-plays seem to be the best way, boring as they may be. So here we go:

Tuesday: I have to say up front that this day was a mess. Not a bad mess, but a mess all the same. We left the Centre at 3:30am, AM. Got to the airport and slept while we waited for our plane and arrived in Ireland around 10ish. Our first stop was the Guiness Factory. Oh, the art of making beer. I think we all decided that it would have been a lot cooler if we drank. It was still pretty interesting though and provided some good views of Dublin.

We then checked into our hotel which was 1000000x nicer than a lot of the other places we've stayed throughout this trip so we were SO happy to have clean sheets and comfy beds. After lounging for a few minutes we headed out into the city. We wanted to go to the jail and we knew that it was a bit of a walk but we didn't mind. It was a nice day and we were walking along the river. 

It turned out to be the longest walk ever. Combine the fact that we all woke up at 2:30am and were all exhausted... we were a mess.

We finally arrived and the tour was pretty cool but I cannot even explain how pathetic we all were. We had to wait like 45 minutes for our tour to start and I fell asleep in the cafe I was so exhausted. Then throughout the tour we had to entertain ourselves to not completely lose it making us extremely obnoxious. Once it was over, half of us decided that the walk back into town would be completely unbearable and we decided to take the bus. And that's where things really went downhill.

Blake, Heather, Devon and I all were going to take the bus and we had barely enough euros to pay our way. Thanks to Blake's handful of change we made it on. Then when we got off the bus I was near tears I was so happy we didn't have to walk. So I was profusely thanking Blake and then he turned on me. We got into an "argument" (don't worry no one was ACTUALLY angry, we were all just an emotional wreck) about something that happened like a month ago. So Blake and I are arguing, then Heather chimes in to tell us that we're acting like children and she's the adult in the situation. So then we turned on Heather because she is in fact the youngest person in our study abroad group. Then Devon freaked out because we were freaking out and at that point, we were all yelling, I was sitting on the curb between laughing, crying and screaming and we were getting stares from every direction. Thankfully we arrived at the Brazenhead Inn for dinner quickly after our meltdown.

We had a delicious dinner with everyone and enjoyed the Irish music in the background while we ate. Yet our emotional state wasn't resolved. I whole heartedly admit I was being mean, others were grumpy and later that night in our hotel Maddy and I drove Laura away with our late night talking... at 9:30pm. 

Wednesday: I think we were all happy to see a new day after our out of control first day in Dublin. I again admit I was grumpy in the morning but got over it when we hung out on a couch in a cathedral then walked around the Dublin Castle. I think the final thing to get me over my mood was to get a milkshake. Skittles milkshake. Yummmmm. After getting some sugar we went to do some St. Patrick's Day shopping. While I didn't buy the pictured hat, We got some good stuff.

After another re-group, we went and did some Irish Dancing! It was so fun and a lot of our group was there so we had a good time learning some Irish steps and mostly just being fools celebrating St. Patrick's Day.

Afterwards we were starving and left our food wants up to Blake who always complains that we don't do what heeeee wants. We were all happy to go to get Ray's Pizza followed by another milkshake. Others branched out, I stuck with what I knew. Skittles. I should explain that they put a whole bag of skittles in the shake. Incredible.

After getting our milkshakes I made it known that I had to go to the bathroom. Bad. While everyone meandered their way home, I ran. I even had someone yell after me, "Run, Forrest, Run!" How embarrassing. No worries, I made it to Burger King to go to the bathroom. 

Thursday (ST PATRICKS DAY!): We got decked out in our green and went out to the parade. Note: St Patrick's Day Parade in Dublin is the WEIRDEST thing ever. We were pretty sure we were supposed to be on drugs throughout because it was so trippy and ridiculous. Needless to say, our stomachs got the best of us and we left early to go to Mongolian Barbeque (another Blake choice). 

We were loving being in Dublin! It was out of control, all the streets were shut down, everyone was wearing ridiculous green, dancing, drinking, and basically going nuts. We fit right in with our ridiculousness. We pretty much just wandered around all day taking pictures and being crazy. We loved it. And yes, we got another milkshake. Skittles.
Loved it. We left that night to go to Kilkenny which was not nearly as exciting as Dublin but atleast we heard a screamo band perform Poker Face. 

Friday: More wandering around Kilkenny. Went to a few cafe's, drank Diet Coke, bought some snacks, and did some shopping. I think we were all ready to head back to London.

Final stop was a castle. It was pretty and fun but we were exhausted and spent most of our time sitting around talking. I think that's become the best part of our trips. Hanging out together.

Until next time Ireland. You treated us well.

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