Saturday, March 26, 2011

More Chocolate? Don't Mind If I Do!

Our final overnight trip of study broad :(
How is my time going by so fast!?
We first hit Belgium then France.

Rather then telling the narrated story of our trip, I'll go with the main points.

1. Weather. 
It was sunny, warm and beautiful everyday of this trip (it has also continued here in London... please stay!) I brought a coat, sweatshirt and sweater in preparation for freezing weather. I wore my sweatshirt on the bus for comfort, my thin sweater everywhere else and my coat was used as Julie's pillow on my lap. We took full advantage of the beautiful weather by taking a boat ride around Bruges and soaking in the rays.

2. Travel Time.
The typical bus ride for our trips consist of the initial 5 minutes being chatty and fun, then the rest of the time silent because everyone falls asleep. We had a lot of bus time on this trip so there was a lot of this. Julie and I figured out an excellent bus/cuddle position and to be honest I'm a little bummed it took us so long to figure out!

3. Food.
This is the most important component of this trip (and all trips). If anyone ever has the opportunity to go to Bruges, Belgium, GO. The Belgians created french fries (yes them, not the French!), perfected chocolate and are famous for their waffles. We never ate a real meal while in Bruges unless you count french fries, a waffle and the best hot chocolate I've ever had as lunch?

4. Hot Chocolate.
Yes this could go in the "food" section but I just need to make everyone's mouth's water. This little cafe has excelled at the art of "Hot Chocolate". They serve you a bowl of hot milk (really a LARGE mug but whatever) and give you another mini bowl, that is made of chocolate, filled with chocolate chips. You dump all the chocolate and even the chocolate bowl into the milk and whisk to perfection. It was so good a member of our group cried (no names included to avoid punishment and embarrassment). 

5. History.
Just for Dursteler I'll say that this was an educational experience. We went to a chocolate museum (don't worry, chocolate won't make you fat or cause acne!), a WWI museum and WWI battlefield. It was really cool to see the WWI places because they played such a big part in history. Sorry to say that I didn't make it through the lecture on the bus. The combination of exhaustion and Julie's neck pillow made listening impossible. Whoops!

6. Ibis.
When we were told we were staying at an Ibis we cheered! It is so nice compared to a lot of the random places we stay but in reality, it's a hotel furnished by Ikea, or so you would think. But considering the two towns we stayed in closed down at like 7pm we spent a lot of time there. We piled 6-7 people on 2 twin beds and watched movies at night. Those are the nights that we wonder what in the world we're doing traveling around Europe. No steamrolls to account for on this trip though. 

To Recap: We love love loved Brugge and are continuing to eat our way through Europe. I advise all others to find time to do the same. You'll regret eating rice cakes and pita all the time. :)

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