Monday, March 7, 2011

Quand J'étais à Paris ...

Everyone's sick of me talking about Paris I'm SURE, but this post will be better than a play-by-play (Wamp, wampppp)

Things that I have learned about our group, me, and other things in general:

1) We sleep too much. Or not enough? Who knows. We pretty much just sleep every chance that we get. The second we sit on a train, metro, bus, etc etc. we're done for. It's kinda wonderful... except when your friends take pictures of you sleeping or take a video of you.

2) My French skills are actually pretty awesome. (No, I will not be humble about it) I very effectively conversed with many a french person on this trip and I loved it! My two finest moments were when we were at the Opera House and I was getting all the information about it and when I was chatting it up with the man working at the boulangerie about macaroons! I was really quite proud of myself. FINALLY all those years of french paid off!

3) I eat entirely too much. My mother always said of me that she admired the fact that I can stop eating when I'm full. That skill has somehow slipped away. On Sunday I went to lunch with Maddy and Laura and when we were discussing going to get a cupcake I replied by saying, "I'm too tired, and I'm too fat for that". So on my way home naturally I stopped for a chocolate eclair. Oh dear. My diet begins the second I get home.

4) Ramzi dubbed our little "group" the cuddliest group in the centre. Which I thought was just funny until this weekend. It's true. Completely, 100% true. Laura, Maddy and I shared a bed for 4 nights, inside a duvet cover, huddling together for warmth. After our last night, Maddy informed us that we were so close to her that in her efforts to roll over or move at all resulted in Laura and I groaning at her. 

5) I take a lot of ridiculous pictures. Maddy has a growing collection of unattractive photos of just me doing embarrassing things in front of her camera. I should act like the adult I am. 

6) This isn't necessarily related to Paris (actually not at all), but I am obsessed with Prince Harry. I don't know what it is but he is quite attractive and so English gentlemanly. William has started to look too much like his father which is quite a tragedy so I'm clinging to the hope that Harry will stay attractive, find me while I'm here and I can be a princess and live here forever. 

Just some facts to keep everyone "in the know".

Oh PS: I'm going here at the end of the month. Algarve, Portugal.
No Big Deal.

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