Thursday, March 31, 2011

Spontaneous Adventure.

It all started the night before we went to Paris, we were packing and getting ready to go when Blake stormed into our room. He came in saying he found tickets for Portugal and asked if we wanted to come. We were all kinda talking about it and thinking about what to do when Blake chimes in and says, "Well. I bought my ticket, who's coming with me?"
So then we frantically were going through the steps, entering credit card numbers, talking to others who wanted to go and ultimately buying our tickets.
So here we go.
On our spontaneous beach vacation to Portugal. 
I know Marcie (among others) are dying of jealousy.
I'll be sure to update on how wonderful it is.

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  1. i'm upset i didn't get a shoutout...but i can't wait to stalk your pretty pics!!