Monday, March 14, 2011

The Woes of a Lost Camera

I like to think of myself as a semi-organized person most of the time. Sure I occasionally misplace things and things may sometimes look messy. But I know where stuff is. The common problem at our house is when I put something down and someone moves it (mom) and THEN I can't find it. I know where I left it, it just got moved.

Before even getting here I camera troubles. (My dad is rolling his eyes right now because he is so sick of cameras, and all electronics in general-- except the iPad he loves.) I got a new one for Christmas that we delayed ordering one day too long because it got to my house in Virginia the day after I arrived in London. So that's where it all started.

But for some reason, since being here in London, I have misplaced my camera THREE TIMES.

1) We were in Edinburgh and while we waited on everyone to be ready for dinner in the lobby of our hostel, I was flipping through my pictures and put it onto my lap where I assume it slid off and I left for dinner and the camera remained on the couch. I discovered at dinner that my camera was gone and prayed that it was at the hostel. It was. When we came back that night I asked the girl at the front desk if they'd found a camera. Sure enough it was mine.

2) We went to Oxford for the day and I took many a picture and was showing them all to Julie on the bus ride home. Once I was back in my bed ready to upload pictures, I couldn't find my camera. I knew I'd had it on the bus so the only solution was that it was on the bus. So I e-mailed professor Crowe and he gave me the bus drivers phone number. I called at least 4 times and he NEVER answered. I was frustrated to say the least. Then a few days later as I sifted through my purse... there was my camera. I was carrying it around with me for days while I thought it sat on an abandoned bus somewhere.

3) We stayed in a hostel in the Cotswolds last week and after our first day I was looking through pictures (this sounds familiar doesn't it?) and after hanging out in the lounge all night I picked my stuff up and went to bed. The next morning on the bus I discovered that I didn't have it. I told everyone to say a "mini prayer" that it was locked away safely in my duffel bag that was stowed under the bus. It wasn't I later discovered. So when we got back into London, Dursteler announced that they found a camera in the hostel. Phew. When I approached him to tell me how I could get it back, Crowe was present and said, "weren't you the one who lost your camera on the bus?" Yes. That was me. Dang it.

So I'm in the process of trying to get it back from that hostel and I'm somewhat frustrated because we're going to Ireland tomorrow and I need a camera. I have my old one but the battery charger is lost among all my junk. Everyone say a "mini prayer" that I find my charger, get my other camera back and don't lose it again. Sheesh! Laura also suggested putting it on a necklace... not a bad idea.

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