Friday, April 8, 2011


In the last week here in London, I thought I'd be running around frantically trying to fit in everything I haven't done yet. Luckily, I have been busy all semester long doing everything that I have like 3 things on my "to-do" list. So in my last few days here we've been doing the thing we love.
Hanging out.

Hanging out: [in London] taking walks around the Royal Parks which include, but are not limited to Hyde Park and Regent's Park; sitting on a bench across the Thames overlooking Parliament and Big Ben; getting dinner/dessert and lingering longer than necessary; having movie nights every night; staying up way too late talking

I wouldn't trade the hanging out for anything these last few days. We're within a week left here at the Centre and I have chosen to not deal with the fact that I'm leaving these people (the regulars), of my life. 
Even if when I come back to London, it may not ever be the same because I won't be with my people. 

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  1. such a bitter moment when you realize you have to leave. really the worst.

    on the bright side, you get to live with me this fall.... ha! I'm sure you are just so ready to come home now. ha!

    enjoy it. do everything you want to do!