Monday, April 11, 2011

Final Countdown

This song is definitely my life right now.
This IS the good life.

We're down to days, even hours now.
There are suitcases in the hallways.
I just left my last final.
(There's a paper left, but I'm past caring that much)
We're planning our last things we need to see.
We exchanged phone numbers.
We gave addresses so we could get wedding announcements.
Had our farewell fireside.
Some have cried.
We've laughed till we nearly wet our pants... again.

How did I get here? 
How is it that starting January 5 I hardly knew anyone here, had no idea how to get around London and the whole semester just seemed kind of daunting. 
And now....
I can't imagine my life not in London.
I can't imagine not being around these people.
I can't imagine driving instead of taking the tube.
I can't imagine a place without raspberry tarts on every corner.
I can't imagine having a full wardrobe.
I can't imagine anything else.

Last night in our farewell fireside we played a game where we all answered questions. It was basically us just laughing about all our insane memories that we've made. To name a few: peeing in many inappropriate places, making fools out of ourselves in front of the professors, eating obscene amounts of food, acting like immature fools, the woes of living in close quarters etc etc. Someone literally fell out of their chair because we were laughing so hard. Then we watched a slideshow of all our pictures over the course of the semester. It was an hour long we had so many.
This is me sharing my most embarrassing moment of the semester
(there have been a lot)
Then the professors each said something and I think we all were feeling so so blessed to have our directors, to be in the program we're in and to really just be experiencing all that we have in the last 3.5 months. 
It'll be hard to say goodbye to it all on Thursday morning.

I. Love. London.


  1. wow, so hard to believe it's all coming to an end. where does the time go?! i've loved keeping up on your life through this blog. but i am even MORE excited to hear about it all in person :) SEE YA SOON!

  2. This post brings a tear to my eye. I'm so thrilled for you to have had such an amazing experience!!! Now, go and have a blast with your parents:)

  3. it is the best experience to move to a place for a while. man, it just stinks to come home. but you'll always cherish the memories.

    and it went by SO fast. can't believe you're finished already.