Thursday, April 14, 2011

On to the Next!

Well our room at the Centre is a DISASTER but we're getting packed up and ready to leave. I have to admit I'm pretty sad about it but I don't think the enormity of what I'm leaving behind here will hit me until I've been at home for a few days.

So in other news: LAURIE AND DOUG ARE HERE! YES! Admittedly, all semester I knew that them coming here meant me leaving shortly thereafter, but once today came... I waited by the door anxiously pacing until the doorbell rang and I ran to answer it and attacked them with hugs. It's so fun to have them here in my place with me!

So as I leave behind my people, my new home and my life here- I'm going on vacation! Julie is coming along with me, Mom and Dad to Italy! We'll be in London for a few more days and then Bella Italia. I'll be computerless throughout it all so await anxiously a blog update when I'm at home in Virginia, snug in my bed. With Nikki (my dog) keeping my feet warm, my phone BLOWING UP with texts and phone calls (not) and The Office on in the background. Likely with Annie laying next to me. 

My last week here... I hate that but it'll certainly be fabulous!

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