Sunday, April 3, 2011


Enter Portugal.
Best. Place. Ever.

We arrived late on Thursday night and could hardly contain our excitement as we arrived at our nice hotel and trekked to the beach. 
We sat up on a cliff we climbed up there and made a pact that we would enjoy every second and stay as long as possible.
We knew it was one of those moments as we sat on the cliff, staring over the ocean, feeling the breeze, barefoot and together, that we would never forget.

The next morning we woke up, walked out on our deck to see this:
We immediately put on our bathing suits (cheered that they still fit), and went down to the beach.

It was windy but oh, so beautiful. We decided we could just sit there all day and be perfectly happy in the sun.

So we did.

After awhile, we decided to try out the pool by our hotel. It was amazing how less windy it was. It was the PERFECT day. The pool water was freezing. I only got in thanks to Blake throwing me in. But I wasn't mad. (mostly because i pushed him in later) How could I be mad when it was so beautiful outside?

After lots of ice cream, sun, and laughs all around. We decided it was time to venture into town for dinner.
Then the pain began.
None of us had worried about sunscreen and enjoyed our day completely without it.
So we laughed at each others silly burn lines and headed out to eat.
Of course, it quickly became more and more painful by the second.
I couldn't even eat dinner I was in so much pain.
Others didn't sleep that night because of the pain.
We were certainly a miserable, pathetic bunch.

The next morning after laying in bed groaning for at least 30 minutes, we went and got a delicious brunch of American pancakes (how we've missed them!). 
Then we came back and enjoyed the warm weather, from the shade.
We were dreading leaving but we had our mini beach trip and it was time to head back to London for the final stretch of our European adventures.

I realize I haven't included too many details about this trip but it was just too perfect for words.
Our first night there we sat on the beach and talked about how this really is "the time of our lives". We're starting to realize that our time here is running out FAST. We have less than two weeks and it's so sad imagining our lives without each other now when we didn't even know one another 3 months ago. I know that Blake and I are headed into our final year of school, Laura's off to start a new major, and Maddy is getting thrown back into life as a Comms major and BYU. We're all headed in different directions and it is so incredible that we've been able to do these great things with each other and create these inexpressibly amazing friendships but so devastating that we're parting ways in less than 2 weeks.

So Portugal was our final hurrah you could say. And it was all that we imagined it would be, with a little (okay a lot) of sunburn on the side.

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