Sunday, May 1, 2011

Firsts and Lasts

I'm sorry that the world will be forced to endure "London Blogging" for awhile even though I am in fact NOT in London

On the first day in London, rather than sleeping like I wanted, the professors took us on a walk to Hyde Park. The whole thing is kind of a blur of introductions to people and following the group to various spots in the park. One of the stops that was notable was to see the Prince Albert Memorial that Queen Victoria had built, it's right across the street from Royal Albert Hall and I think even in my groggy, exhausted state I loved it. It is huge and quite elaborate. Which is only appropriate when you learn about Queen Victoria's devotion to Albert. On my last day in London I decided to walk through Hyde Park and ended up near that same memorial. Who knew on that first day that I would be as in love with London as I am now.

Another stop on the first day, then again on the last day was the Peter Pan statue, it's just as wonderful as it is in "Winning London".

My last day that I've been talking about, I had a few hours before my flight left and I had to head downtown to pick up my luggage so naturally I went to all my favorite places in my neighborhood. First stop was Tesco to buy embarrassing amounts of candy to take home, a walk down Portobello Road for some last minute souvenirs, the Centre to write my final words on my bunk, Kensington Palace, Hyde Park, Cupcake Company and finally Nandos for some lunch.
It was the perfect day.
I spent the whole day walking around thinking about how great the semester had been.
How surreal it is that it's over.

The only weird thing was going into the Centre.
There wasn't anyone reading in the parlour.
Studying in the library.
Rushing down the stairs.
Eating toast in the servery.
Blow drying on the landing.
Skyping in the stairwell.
Watching a movie in the classroom.
It was so quiet.

I knew it was filled with memories but it was like a dream.

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  1. It's so weird that it's all over. Sometimes I think back to that first day and seriously can't believe we were there all that time. p.s. can you email me that picture of us in the classroom window seat?