Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Forever Young

This past memorial day has been a great one, time spent with good friends, summer weather and fun things happening. While I failed at taking pictures for the most part I went to a Nats game with Erin and some friends, redid my bedroom, spent Memorial Day with Katherine and Mary Kate, and had two sleepovers with Lisa and Marcie.

First of all, my room. The last time I really decorated my room was probably in like middle school, or maybe even elementary school. But basically it was a little girls room. I had light pink walls, with accessories to match. We started to kind of redo it last year but all that happened was moving the bed and getting a new comforter. Then as have been away at school, new furniture, mismatched pillows, and old prom dresses accumulated in my room making it an even more mismatched disaster than before. So finally, we got the job done. We painted, got new furniture and new decorations and my room is as good as new. I'll probably spend most my time here this summer. There are still a few things to be added, but I'm lovin it.

On Sunday, (during church), Katherine, Mary Kate and I mapped out our plans for how we would spend Memorial Day. We made a list -my specialty- and kidnapped Mary Kate from MCAT studying and went to lunch. Unfortunately the day we decided to go to 2Amy's... they don't open until 5pm. Bummer. We got some Mexican Food instead and then later Katherine and I got slurpies. It was a good way to spend the holiday.

This weekend Marcie was in town for a final little family reunion before she and her parents head off for Columbia this summer and I got lucky enough to have my sister back staying with me. She lived with me for about 2 months my senior year so I like to think of it as her coming home when she's here. Luckily, we all timed it just right because Lisa is in town right now as well! We crammed into one bed and talked late into the night just as if we were in high school. We even went over to the Hatch's and it felt just as if I were 17 with my best friends.

Thinking about it now it's kind of ironic the course that our conversations would take. On one end, we were talking about how old we were with friends getting married, college graduation coming up, our jobs, friends coming home from missions, basically just life marching on. But then on the other end, Lisa and Marcie were getting picked up and dropped off in their "jammies" for sleepovers at my house. I think that just goes to show that even though we're getting older and still growing up, we'll always be in high school when we're together. It just wouldn't be us if it weren't.

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  1. I feel like I'm alwaysssss hearing about 2Amy's, is it as amazing as it's talked up to be?