Saturday, May 21, 2011

The Quince

She has many names.
Q Baby.
Bon Qui Qui.
I just love her as Quincy.
And she came to see me this weekend.

In the fall we talked about her coming to Virginia but then I went to London and we were separated for too long. But she still came and I love her for it. Now she'll spend the summer in Arizona and then she's off to Sao Paulo, Brazil in August to be a darling missionary. 
While she was here we packed a lot of Virginia and Washington DC into her short stay up north before she returned to her family in Richmond. We lucked out with beautiful weather, good food and greenery everywhere. Too bad the Potomac is at an uncontrollably high level and brown. Other than that, all was great.

 I love my Quincy and will miss her dearly while she serves, serves, serves in Brazil.

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  1. I LOVE BON QUI QUI. Don't tell her, that might be weird.