Thursday, May 19, 2011

Take Me Out To The Ball Game

It's time to come to terms with it, I'm in Virginia so blogging should start to reflect the CURRENT state of my life rather than my dreamy life a month ago (that long ago already!?).

So the latest on life in Virginia. Hm.
I should admit that I don't lead a riveting life.
I mostly watch movies and TV.
I wish I was kidding.
Here's the fun stuff:

For whatever reason in the few weeks that I've been home our family has gone to, not one, but TWO baseball games. We aren't crazed fans or anything, they're just so fun!
First we went to the Nats game which they unfortunately lost but you can't help but love taking the metro into DC for a ball game. 
Then we were lucky enough to get my mom's good friend Greg's tickets for the Orioles game. She is spoiled and has seats right above the dugout so we got some close looks at the baseball players and it's rumored we even got some camera time. Annie caught a ball, we made some new friends, ate great barbeque and the O's had an amazing win at the last minute in extra innings! Oh and the mascot kissed my hand, what a sweetheart. 

Luckily since being home I have a few friends and I'm not totally lonely. My dear Katherine and I have become buddies. We both aren't work for the time being so we spend our time playing throughout the area. We've hit DC, Alexandria, Old Town, McLean, etc etc. The list will only grow. We're trying out some fun new restaurants and have big plans on doing a bunch of fun DC things this summer to really take advantage of our prime location.
My favorite place so far has been Nando's. It was one of my London favorites and I nearly died when I saw that they had locations in Washington. Katherine graciously accompanied me and I was one happy girl. I just missed my Londoners. 

Finally in an effort to not completely lose my mind I have some things on my "to-do list" this summer. I realize that by putting this on here I'm setting myself up for failure but I'll risk it in an effort to sound interesting. :)
I'm trying to read more. Honestly, so far, I've researched what books to read more than I've ACTUALLY read but I promise I'll try!
I also decided to scrapbook some of my literally thousands of pictures from the last few months and I have nearly completed the task! I opted for the online option, so hopefully when I order my creation I'll be pleased with the outcome. 
Similar to scrapbooking I plan to print my blog in a book for another "momentous souvenir"
I've also spent a lot of time looking at yummy treats to make so I'll get around to making some good ones and share how great they turn out (sarcastic eye roll... me? baking? HA. I'll try.)
Finally, we're redoing my room and the process is a little slow but it WILL get done. I can't handle the half decorated/half clutter room I'm living in right now.

So there you have it, from London to Washington DC.
Onto the next chapter!

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