Thursday, June 9, 2011

My Motherly Duty

The last few weeks I have become a mother. 
(of course I mean figuratively)
My days consist of the following:

Telling Annie to get her leg into that dang machine that moves her leg for her- thank you rehabilitation.
Making unmentionable amounts of cookies and/or cupcakes
Researching new recipes for dinner or just treats
Doing the grocery shopping
Setting up quilting frames
Entertaining (or just lingering around) Annie's friends
Dropping off Annie's project at school
Driving my disabled sister around
Giving the dog, Nikki, some needed TLC
Doing numerous chores around the house
Attending Annie's numerous graduations, concerts, games and other various activities
Running needed errands
Listening to the content of Annie's school day
Watching endless episodes of Oprah (and holding back tears during nearly every one)
Taking pictures at Annie's prom 
Then blogging about it later after the family has gone to sleep.

I'm a mommy blogger.

How did this happen!?
I need to start working, this is getting out of control.


  1. I love it. I love that apron. I love you. Come to me.

  2. you look SO cute in that picture. Can't you just be here in provo sitting with me on this couch. it's lonely here. All i see is the pictures surrounding me. but anywho, continue being mom. and i know what leg machine you're talking about. so classic.

  3. bahahaa, my favorite is "setting up quilt frames." And seriously, I cry during every single episode of Oprah, even the one the other day when it was just makeovers. Out of control.