Tuesday, June 21, 2011

A Phone Call

Today was a good day. 
I went to work (and while it was boring me to death, we can make it a tad more fun)
I watched the Bachelorette with Nikki.
I went to a Nats game with Katherine and her family.
Today was a good day.

On my drive home from Katherine's I was so tired. I think I've done more in the last few days then I have in a month. But I found myself saying into my phone: "Call Maddy". As the phone was ringing I started thinking, "wait. I'm too tired to chat. I need energy to have a lively conversation! Maybe I can just leave a message." Then she answered.

What the heck was wrong with me? Who cares if I was tired. It's my Maddy! Thank goodness I mindlessly called her because she made my good day great. We're bizarrely the same. Maybe it's because it's okay to admit to each other that we are nerdy readers then compare books. Maybe it's okay to confess that we stalk the same blogs. Maybe we just get each other. 

Oh I miss her. 

So I know you're reading this ya blog stalker:
Dear Maddy,
You make me so happy and conversations with you are my favorite. You are just the icing of my hummingbird bakery cupcake :) Also, don't be offended by my confession of not wanting to chat for that 5 second period of time. It was a moment of weakness. Just like that time when we watched Twilight on a Saturday night in the classroom by ourselves. Or like the time when I stopped for an eclair on my way home from Nandos. Counting down the days until we can do it all again :)
Love you, Sara

So the moral of this story is that, while I avoid keeping in touch sometimes (mostly due to laziness), I still love you. Whoever you are. And it makes me happy to chat. Even if it's just about what book you're reading.

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  1. Sara! I don't know what to say except that
    a) this made me tear up, naturally.
    b) I feel the exact same way
    c) of course I'm not offended by your confession.
    d) I love you.
    e) send me that picture of us with the phonebooth and big ben? please?
    f) see letter d).

    Also, I may have told you this but remember those glorious pictures we took in the chandelier store and with cupcakes and selftimer shots in that cathedral's garden and how they were on Blake's camera and we were certain we would never see them again? Well I've got them (almost...) and they'll be ours forever. Also all those photos from the closing firesides where I made eight different beards with my hair.
    psbtw I ordered that book on amazon : )