Thursday, June 30, 2011

Spoke Too Soon

Yesterday I wrote about how I was familiar here in Herndon, I certainly should have postponed that post another day.

This morning before work I stopped off at Einstein's for some breakfast. (Those who know me well know that for me, a bagel is always a good idea) As I waited in line to order an employee started looking and pointing at me. 
He said, "I know you! Did you go to Herndon?"
"I think we had a few classes together!"
"Oh yeah, Hey!" (still had no clue who he was)
"How have you been!?"

This went on and I pretended to know who this fellow was and we chatted about what he was up to, how I was home for the summer, pleasantries. He went out of his way to fill my order and then whispered something to the cashier before I paid. Turns out, he lessened my bagel charge and then offered me an orange juice on him. Why not? 

He followed me outside and we chatted some more about life and what we'd been up to. Then I went on my way to work.

When I got there I swiftly asked Tanner (aka Mr. T at summer camp) if he remembered this kid. Nope. 

Oh well, I got a lovely, nearly free breakfast and a lovely interaction with someone I was probably supposed to know. Not a bad way to start the day. 

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