Saturday, July 9, 2011

My Life in Terms of Food

Long gone are the days of fine European dining. No more banana-man chocolate covered fruit in London, crepe stands in Paris, endless gelatto in Rome, greasy yet fabulously delicious fries in Belgium, or Chocolate Soup in Scotland. Now I go for the fine American dining. And most things I eat these days, have a story. Unfortunately I haven't captured the homemade blackberry ice cream, the chinese food nights, or the massive amounts of pizza but, these gems capture my life in terms of food just as well.

The BYU Bookstore is famous (at least to me) for their chocolate covered cinnamon bears, they are the perfect combination of flavors and my mom brought some home for me from her recent Utah trip to drop off Annie. Obviously I ate them while wearing my leopard print pj's.

The "Turner Meal" could probably be best exemplified at Rio Grande. We go there countless times when I'm home due to guacamole cravings and they cater every Christmas and graduation party at the Turner Home. Nothing beats chips, salsa, guacamole and a diet coke from Rio Grande.

A spontaneous trip to Old Towne with Katherine and Mary Kate proved successful when after walking by the water front we stumbled upon a homemade ice cream shop. I was delighted with my choice of cinnamon ice cream on a sugar cone.

A typical lunch at work with the kiddies consists of diet coke, goldfish and a pb&j. I just can't sit at the "peanut free table" due to kids with peanut allergies and obviously a diet coke helps me get through the day.

Because we didn't follow through with our camping idea with my co-workers (thank goodness), we opted for some s'mores on a friday night. We had a few setbacks because it was raining so we couldn't roast and my oven being broken, so we carefully roasted marshmallows in the microwave.

An italian meal always makes my heart sing, especially when olive oil and bread is involved. Mom, Dad and I pretended we were in Rome as we sat outside an Olive Garden in Sterling eating our pasta and breadsticks.

And finally, Cafe Rio. When we were in Europe we had many a conversation that ended with us salivating over the thought of a Cafe Rio meal (some more than others... Maddy) so when Katherine suggested a road trip into Maryland for some, I answered with a resounding, YES! For whatever reason their fountain drinks make my sweet pork enchiladas taste so wonderful. When we pulled up to eat, the first few things we saw were: Utah license plates, a couple grabbing dinner after a trip to the temple and some obviously Mormon singles. We felt just like we were in Provo.

Now if I learned anything from London it's what I got off of a napkin at Zizzi's...
"One cannot think well, sleep well, live will, if one has not dined well."

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