Tuesday, August 9, 2011

breaking my heart

Unless you've been under a rock lately or cutting off all social networking use, you've heard about the recent events in London I assume?

No, not the Royal Wedding.
No, no other english pop princesses have died.
No, there's not another Hugh Grant movie coming out depicting a specific neighborhood.
(Well, maybe there is... I don't know)

There are these riots going on. Mostly for the sake of rioting and having the right to "do whatever you want". (obviously there are more details than this but I feel this is what it boils down to)

It is out of control. There are videos depicting terrible acts of violence and vandalism, numerous accounts of how terrified residents are of leaving their homes, and of businesses boarding up their windows in fear of getting looted. There are hundreds of arrests and who knows how many injuries.

It is breaking my London-loving heart.

London is supposed to be perfect, classy and timeless.
Right now they are being chaotic, senseless and reckless.
Go back to being the London I know and love please.

It's terrible to hear about Queensway where I did all my late night grocery shopping, Camden where we ate excessively and tube stations being defaced and destroyed. 
Please stop.
If anyone ever needed to, "keep calm and carry on"... this is it.

I just hope there are more people like the woman in this video. 
(excuse the excess language)
"Get real people, get real."

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  1. great post, I couldn't agree more! Where has our lovely London gone?