Saturday, August 20, 2011

finally reading

we read to know we are not alone - c.s. lewis

I've always been a reader. When I was younger I had a flashlight hidden under my bed so that I could read after my mom had told me to go to bed. Then I was reading Dear America books and the Harry Potter books. 

However, my love for reading was silenced for a few years. I would read when on vacation and occasionally here and there but it seemed rare. It was probably due to just life and being busy. No one really reads in high school anyway and while in college I just have to many textbooks and other things to do.

When in London I was in a literature class and the way it was planned out was that we would read a book every week. The books were written by English authors and correlated with our history class and what we were doing in our program at the time. For example, when going to Ireland and learning about the Irish Famine we read books about the Potato Famine and another book based in Ireland around Irish traditions. It was awesome. While truthfully, I didn't finish all the books (sorry Professor Crowe), it was a great way to get me back into my knack for reading. 

So since I've been home that's what I've done. I've been consistently reading, researching books, spending afternoons in bookstores and keeping my Goodreads account up to date. It's been awesome. Honestly, books set in London have caught a lot of my attention but so have memoirs. I have really loved learning about people and understanding them through their books. (now if Kate Middleton would just write one...)

In all honesty, this summer has been a bit of a recovery and relaxing summer from my high speed European adventure so I have spent a lot of time laying in my bed just needing some time to myself after sharing a room with 12 girls for a few months. But, reading kept me company. So that's where the C.S. Lewis quote comes into play, I knew I wasn't alone because I was with Jerramy Fine, Jeanette Walls, and Gretchen Rubin- among many others whose stories I read. (with the help of my handy dandy Nook and "Keep Calm and Carry On" bookmark)

Some of my favorites this summer have been the following:
Someday My Prince Will Come
The Happiness Project
The Glass Castle
The Help

Hopefully I can figure out how to keep reading while at school. I guess I'll have to go to Barnes & Noble frequently and stick to my goal of 30 books by the end of the year. I am halfway there after all!


  1. I LOVE THE GLASS CASTLE! It's one of my favorites.
    Book club this fall?

  2. just read Glass Castle AND Room - LOVED them both! We must be friends or something.

  3. I vote yes to book club. We can think of a good name and always bring treats to the meetings! PLEASE!

  4. You need to add me as your goodreads friend! I KNOW we have the same taste in books :)