Saturday, August 27, 2011

So Long Sweet Summer

My last few Virginia days were well spent.
I made a few stops into DC: eastern market, newseum, dinner with Katherine
Saw a movie with the family: One Day (oh how it made me ache for Europe)
Ate at some of my favorite restaurants: The Counter, Nandos and Rio Grande
Had a pleasant pool day
Experienced an earthquake
Hugged friends goodbye
Packed up cars
Packed up my life
Made a final Cafe Rio stop in Maryland and flew to Utah. 

As I was sitting on the plane, I was thinking about this year so far. 
It started with a BANG in Europe and then I was in Virginia.
Honestly, I was feeling really conflicted about being home for the summer. I had friends in Provo and home is just never quite the same as all my college co-eds can attest but, I'm oh so glad I did. 

It was nice to spend some quality time with my parents and I think I helped ease them into their current state as empty nesters. It was so homey to have an established routine with my dog. When I went to bed every night I would leave my door open a crack so that Nikki could come wandering in the next morning to cuddle with me. I loved getting to spend some time doing things with people that I rarely see and even with people I see all the time. And I really love my trips downtown. 

So as I mourn the loss of summer and the warmth, at least I can feel good about how I spent those hot summer days. 

so long sweet summer, I stumbled upon you and gratefully basked in your rays

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