Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Trending: The Kardashians

I have a guilty pleasure. 
As of late, it has taken up a LOT of my time.
I've become partial to the letter K.
I have the urge to call people "doll".
It's dramatic.
Mostly stupid.
And it's on Sunday nights at 10. 

Yes, it's Keeping Up with the Kardashians
I have a problem.
Natalie and I sat as vegetables for like 5 hours catching up on the current season.
We also nearly ended a party to watch the latest episode.
I recently started following my favorite sister on Twitter. (love you Kourtney!)
And with help from Natalie, we have successfully analyzed the whole family.
Basically, Khloe does everything, Kim is a diva, Kourtney does whatever she wants. 

I'll get around to school eventually.
For now, watch this


  1. KIM'S WEDDING EPISODE? PARTY PARTY PARTY. Also, I'm OBSESSED with their Christmas pictures this year. Too much, in the best way.

  2. oh man. my secret is out. oh well... we should have a party for Kim's wedding. maybe i'll send an invite to her.